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Hello there,

My name is MD BASHER from Dublin, Ohio. I’m an entrepreneur, Business Owner and a Diamond Marketing Consultant @MOBE. Here a little story…

Living in America has been a great blessing for me in many ways! Now I’m enjoying my laptop life style even since I could think of… I really must give all the credits to my mentor Matt Lloyd who is the founder & CEO of MOBE!

But my life wasn’t like this at all…

On October 18, 2005, I migrated from a very small country called Bangladesh with an enormous ambition. Honestly, I remember – when I entered in this dream land in every single step I took after landing my flight in the JFK Air Port, I just melt down inside of me thinking about here’s my dream about to come true… I was 22 years young kid who just finished his Bachelor Degree of Statistics and working on the masters. My expectation, obviously, was so high…I went to my aunt house at the same day where I intended to say for a few days until I got a job or so…

Having many thoughts, finally I reached Columbus, it took me about 14 consecutive hours from the JFK – it was my longest bus ride ever. After 22 days staying with my aunt family, I managed to have a job – Lot Attendant at Giant Eagle whose main job was to collect the leftover buggies, carts from the customers…

Anyways, job was a job right! I’m a kind of person who pretty much can do anything when it required. I was happy with what I had, I was a happy go lucky guy! That didn’t bother me not until December while show and frosty would bother me so much. Not just a cold, that was the extreme weather conditions for me. I have never since the temp goes below 40 Degree Fahrenheit even in the winter time in my entire life while I was going up in my country, Bangladesh.

About 4 months later, I got a job at the Wendy’s Restaurant in front of the Ohio States University where most of the customer was students. Soon I started to go to college with the help of that kind of environment…

After a few years, I got a job at the US Postal Services, oh! Man! I thought I just got my dream job…But honestly, some reasons I didn’t like it, I was trying to find some way to exit…

Thinking 3 years working with post office was worthwhile because three of us opened up an Indian Restaurant called Curry & Sweets as the side business while I was working at the USPS. We were really doing good in term of business.

Now the time to do something else – I thought.  I, then, quit the job and took the business as my profession. In a very short time, we’re able to open another restaurant, New Taj Mahal on the high street area close to OSU, we usually get a lot of traffic, especially the young students. Everything was going just fine until we found some misunderstanding within our partners. From that incident I decided to do some kinds of business what I can manage everything by myself. No more partners!

After a few days, while I was browsing my FB, I saw a post by Matt Lloyd. I really don’t exactly remember what was that post all about… but he wanted to be my mentor and send me a link, I watched a video and I loved that business model he was explaining in the video…

What a coincident that was, right! I was really looking exactly same type of business in which I can enjoy my life…After assigning my coach, I can’t explain now, but I was fully convinced and amazed with the system – I immediately invested in Titanium Mastermind, and I was simply following along with my coaches’ instructions…

I strongly believe I got blessed since then, and now I’m enjoying the life I always dream of… I’m happy! I’m proud and enjoying the laptop life style that Matt Lloyd Assured me once!

Well, let me ask you, what are your dreams and mission in life?

Are you dreaming of…?

– Becoming Your Own Boss

– Doing What You Want When You Want To do

– Living The Life Of Your Own Rules

– Traveling All Over The World

– Creating Income At Your Own Will

– Having Time, Location & Financial Freedom

– Spending More Time With Your Family

– Finally Having Security and peace of mind

If you are, then I would recommend you join me and be a part of the My Own Business Education community. No matter what’s your background, how old you are, whether you a little or no knowledge about the Internet marketing or not. All you have to do is follow the step by step system, most of the work would be done for you, pretty much all you have to do is: copy & paste. If you want to achieve a dotcom lifestyle with financial freedom, location freedom and time freedom. My Own Business Education System would be the right fit for you. So, reach out to me, and I am here to your success.

You may have some questions about this business before you start; therefore, Click Here & ask any question directly to the CEO & Founder of MOBE!

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